CUSTOM SIZE Sunbrellaยฎ Directors Chair Replacement Covers

  • Custom sized director’s chair covers for any size chair with round or flat stick attachment
  • 100% Made in the USA and sewn here in house to the measurements provided
  • Made from Sunbrellaยฎ acrylic marine grade fabric that will not stretch, fade or shrink
  • The same fabric used to make sails and in maritime furnishings
  • Comes with the seat, back, and sticks if chosen.

Selectable Sunbrellaยฎ colors are the stock colors. All other colors available by special order only for an additional $35. There is a 2 cover set minimum for all special orders. Please call to special order 866-732-8246.

Breathe new life into old chairs! We now offer a custom sewing service to create Director Chair covers to your dimensions. Fabric is top quality Sunbrellaยฎ marine grade acrylic material. Sunbrellaยฎ is widely used for awnings, sail making, marine and outdoor furnishings. Director’s chair covers are easy to replace and almost all require no additional hardware in order to replace them. Please read this Buying Guide article on how to Purchase and Install Directors Chair Covers.

Be sure to measure carefully when submitting measurements. You must attest that the measurements are correct as submitted and NO returns are accepted for correctly sewn covers:

NOTE: Our custom sewing service only offers the sewn material. Customer is responsible for any cut outs that need to be made in the covers and for installation of any option hardware ie. grommets, bolts, rings, etc.

The Seat Dimensions are measured from EDGE to EDGE. WIDTH is from side to side on the chair where the sticks are. DEPTH is from front to back. SEAT LOOPS will be sewn to fit the stick sizes indicated below, unless otherwise indicated. The LOOPS are Measured from EDGE to the first SEW LINE and are included as part of the width.

The Back Dimensions are measured EDGE to EDGE also. WIDTH is from side to side on the chair with the loops flattened out. HEIGHT is from top to bottom parallel with the seat posts. BACK LOOPS are measured from the EDGE to the first SEW LINE and are included in with the width measurement. 

Oversize Charge: There will be a Oversize Charge PER DIMENSION if:

  • Back Height is greater than 8″
  • Seat Width is greater than 21″
  • Seat Depth is greater than 16″
  • Seat Loops are greater than 1.5″
  • We will notify you of any incorrectly chosen Oversize Charge via email or phone

Seat Sticks: Round sticks are 1/4″ in diameter, Flat sticks measure 1/4″ x 9/16″. Two sticks will be included if the option to include sticks is chosen.

If a current cover set is available for measuring, CLICK HERE for video instructions on how to obtain those measurements. If no covers are available and there is only a frame for measuring, CLICK HERE for video instructions on how to get the cover measurements from just the frame. Some chairs may be a little different (stick slots being on the under side of the frame) but the same principle for measuring illustrated in the video will also apply to those chairs.

NOTE: If you choose “Yes” to “Do you need sticks included?” we will make the seat loops to fit our sticks. If you are ordering Round Sticks, we will make the seat loops at 3/4″. If you are ordering Flat Sticks, we will make the seat loops at 1″

Measure carefully to make sure the replacement sling fits your chair. Call us at 1-866-732-8246 if you need assistance.