JGR Clip on Polyester Umbrella

  • 6mm Diameter
  • Plastic Fits
  • Fits easily on most JGR Beach Chairs
  • Frame Material:Steel
  • Fabric Material:Polyester

This clip on umbrella will come in handy in many situations. The nylon clamp can be used on either vertical or horizontal supports. Mouth capacity for the clamp is 1 1/2″, so it can clamp on a beach chair frame or a tabletop. The silver inside coating on the umbrella blocks out more harmful UV rays. Tilt can be adjusted some with the bendable support. This is a utilitarian clamp on umbrella of medium quality which is not suitable for high wind conditions. If you are looking for a high quality clamp on umbrella good for higher wind conditions, we offer exactly that in the The Clamp On Umbrella by Frankford Umbrellas, available at a very competitive price.