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The HUG2 Adjustable HowdaSeat

  • HowdaHUG2 is narrower for lanky, taller growing children.
  • For smaller body frames, the addition of the fleece liner cover will offset tenderness around the upper back and shoulders and create a snugger seating experience.
  • Rocking is made smooth, steady and balanced with the new cushioned bottom hinge.

The hold and hug, coupled with the cradle and rock of the seat, creates a deep sensory embrace, giving children a keener sense of their own space. Occupational Therapists and Special Education Teachers endorse the HowdaHUG over other seating for helping children with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and other spectrum disorders or just fidgety kids. They tell us that using the HowdaHug in school during circle time is safer and clearly more beneficial than other seats that are made for outdoor recreation. The HowdaHUGs may be used outdoors but their purpose and structure has been determined by the children and their sensory needs. The HowdaHUG2 has been researched and trialed in schools to determine the best size for those children who tend to grow taller and lankier. The HowdaHUGs may also sit inside and on a chair, making a noticeable difference in the child’s comfort and attention.

As a therapist in a day treatment center told me “some children, especially those with sensory integration disorder, just have to have strong, firm physical contact to stay integrated.” The HowdaHUG is a rib-like cradle of wood slats and offer that strong embrace and the flexibility of movement that children require.

The HowdaHUG’s smooth wooden slats curl around the body in a real “hug”. The pressure from the slats creates deep sensory input helping many children to maintain focus and feel calm. Adjustable straps can be tightened to create a better HUG or loosened for growing kids.

SIZE recommendation for weight comfort: For children aged 5- 10 up to 100lbs. HowdaHUG measurements: 14″ wide top X 15.5″ high X 13.5D” (hinge width).

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