WondaWedge Inflatable Back Support

  • Ergonomic, adjustable design ensures you the highest level of comfort.
  • Versetile design allows unlimited possibilities for use! Stick it in your luggage and take it on a cruise – No more expensive beach chair rentals.
  • Mat measures 17 x 31.5 and is permanently attached to pillow.
  • Wedge is approximately 18″W x 18″H x 18″D and weighs only 1 lb. 3 oz.

Great for travel – deflates to fit anywhere and weighs nothing. Perfect for concerts, the beach, sunbathing and at home.
Designed by two physiotherapists, the WondaWedge has great ergonomics with a back-support function and is good for the posture. The WondaWedge has three different angles giving you a choice of relaxing positions: sitting up, reclining and lying down. It is lightweight and inflatable, easy to carry and easy to use. A patented design, the WondaWedge is ideal for almost any occasion, the ingenious design supports you where you need it most and to takes the strain off your back, neck and hands.
Mat: 17 x 31.5 Mat is permanently attached to pillow.
Wedge: approx 18″W x 18″H x 18″D Weight: 1 lb. 3 oz.