3 In 1 Adjustable Slacker by TravelChair

  • Super lightweight and compact
  • Adjusts to 3 different settings
  • Great for hiking and backpacking
  • Weighs less than 1.5 pounds
  • Weight capactiy of 225 pounds

The 3 in 1 Slacker by Travel Chair offers one of the most compact and lightweight seating on the market.  Weighing less than 1.5 pounds and featuring a weight capacity of 225 pounds, this super lightweight and could not be a better choice for the avid hiker and backpacker who already have to consider the weight and size of everything they pack.  When collapsed, the stool folds down and the seat forms into a compact carry bag measuring only 10 inches by 4 inches by 4 inches.  The legs adjust to 3 different postions allowing the seat height to be 19.5 inches, 17 inches, and 15 inches.  The seat is in the shape of a triangle with each side being 13 inches.  The seat is designed to be very tight so it does not slip out of its slots so it can be initial a little difficult to get installed but once it is on, this will be your new favorite backwoods seat!